Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Finale

After our big road trip in July, we didn't get Glampy out much.  So, we were sure to close out summer with two weekends in a row!

Two weekends ago we kept it local and went to a fun little campground not too far from us.  We had a fun new addition to our campsite -- a hammock!  It was a big hit, and I think a campsite with suitable trees will be part of our campsite requirements from now on. :)

Even our guest enjoyed the hammock!

There were lots of fun things to do at this campground, including giant chess and checkers, swimming pool, and the annual pig roast!

It was a fun and relaxing weekend for all!

JR on his early morning walk with the dog.

camping breakfast of champions

Video games are way more fun in a camper - lol!
And, this past weekend we ventured over to Amish county in Lancaster County, PA.  We were visiting family in the area, but we still managed to take advantage of the fun things the campground had to offer.

great site - but no trees for the hammock :(

It was hot! Gotta' hit the pool!

Our site was right on a little stream - which the kids loved because there were plenty of frogs to be caught.

JR gets all the nice sunrises as he is the sucker who has to get up with the dog in the morning :)

It rained a little while we were there, but we didn't care...we were in our camper!  We had a ferocious game of Monopoly and enjoyed a movie.  I am pretty sure I will never sleep in a tent again! - lol!
Don't let size keep you from your DD!
Relaxing and camping as a family was a nice way to end the summer before the craziness of our fall schedules begin.  Ending summer on a high note - That's how we roll!

Great Divide Campground - Andover, NJ
Hickory Run Campground - Denver, PA