Thursday, June 12, 2014

Squeezing It All In!

We really wanted to go camping over Memorial Day weekend.  But, Charlie had a baseball tournament.

Our solution: find a campground close to where the tournament was being played.  :)

It was a last minute decision to go camping, but we found a fun little campground that is on a big farm. There were lots of farm animals for the kids to see, feed, pet, etc.  Paige even got to see a baby goat being born - which led to some interesting conversations about what she saw - lol!

Bandit was probably the happiest camper in our group.  There was a huge dog run and he loved it! He was so happy to have some doggy friends run around and mix it up with.

And...finally the weather was warm enough to take advantage of the pool!!

So, we camped, swam, made friends, learned a little bit about nature, and played some baseball. Squeezing it all in...that's how we roll!

Pleasant Acres - Sussex, NJ